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Friday, February 26, 2016


When teaching classes, I love that the answer I can give to most of the questions is YES!
  • "May I fill this part if I want to?"
  • "Is it okay if I go over the line here?"
  • "Can I put this pattern here?"
  • "I made up my own tangle for this spot.  Is that okay?"


I love that the Zentangle® method allows us to make our own choices as we tangle.  Our border and string can be guides to help build comfort while breaking up a possibly intimidating space.  They can provide places for tangles to sit cozily or a starting point for patterns to blossom and grow safely outside the lines.  

Whether you prefer to color inside the lines, venture outside, or play with a mixture depending on your mood, the Zentangle® method allows for all possibilities.

If you're inspired to follow a particular tangle throughout a piece or morph it into a tangleation, or variation, you're free to explore any way you choose.  This is your art and your process to enjoy.

It's so rare in life to learn something new that doesn't have a lot of limits or rules.  

I was thrilled to pass on these "rules" to two wonderful library classes this week.  Look at the stunning pieces they created:
Zendala tiles created at the Peabody Institute Library 
Tiles created at the Hamilton-Wenham Library

Read All About It!

What an honor!

The Boston Globe covered one of my classes in a recent issue.  I had a lovely interview with the reporter and had a wonderful time talking about the Zentangle® method and how I fell in love with my regular tangling practice.

You can check out the article in The Boston Globe here.

Friday, February 19, 2016


Valentine's Day came and went around here as my family was busy with some massive house projects.  We enjoyed making valentines and spending quality time together despite the craziness.

I was inspired by the season to create a series of rosy gems featuring the tangle Luv-a by CZT Sharon Caforio.  I love how delicately this tangle cushions the gems.  Whenever I use Luv-a, I smile a lot!  I think this tangle is one of the sweetest ones I've ever seen, and I love to use it in a variety of pieces.  It's one of those magical tangles that looks simple at first but blossoms into a real beauty with a few simple extra strokes.

I submit these Bijou tiles as my Valentangles for the Diva challenge 254.

Catching Up

Oh dear!  I fear that I have embraced the Zentangle® method's idea of being present in the moment with my art a bit too much lately.  While that's a wonderful thing to experience personally, it is not so great for a blogger.  I realize that I have neglected to include some of the beautiful tiles created in several classes last year.  I hope you will forgive me for living in the moment and being a bit of a Luddite.  Now that I have relocated my computer, I am hoping to be able to share with you more regularly.
Tiles created at the Burlington Public Library.
Tiles created at a family and friends home party.
Garden ZIAs created at a home workshop.
Tiles created at the Flint Public Library.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gone Crazy for Molygon

Are you loving the official new tangle, Molygon, as much as I am?

At first I wasn't sure when most of my shapes resembled banana bunches. If tangles make me hungry, it defeats the purpose of keeping me from snacking!

Then I tried Molygon as a bezel around my tangled gems and was hooked. I love how the "arms" look like robotic tentacle when done this way. Here are two Bijou tiles I made for a swap:
I've been playing with this look a lot lately. Here's a Molygon gem on an ATC for another swap:

I have been playing with some fills and expect I will decorate the bananas in my regular tangles. I just can't stop making them this way...yet!

Check out the Diva challenge this week for lots of amazing interpretations of the fun new tangle at