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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just what I needed

Where has the time gone?

This has been a big year for my family.  After many months of searching and packing, we moved into a new house.  We're still settling in (I hear this could take years), but we're finally feeling like we are home.  I have a better working office and art studio so I'm hoping to be able to share more with you too!  

Even though I haven't blogged much in a while, I've still been teaching and tangling through the stressful move.  I am so thankful to have the Zentangle® Method in my life especially during times like this.

I had the great pleasure of teaching a relaxing class at the Shrewsbury Public Library right around our move to the new house.  As you can imagine, I was a bit stressed out, and seeing boxes everywhere was not making me feel very relaxed.  I needed to teach this class and to reconnect with my passion to help me see that moving, packing, and unpacking is just like tangling.  I needed to take each task one step at a time.

We spent a relaxing and lovely class together exploring tangles for the first time.  I loved that when presented with the stunning tile mosaic, one participant was impressed by how her tile looked combined with the others.  Tangling is a lovely recipe, and each of us presents an ingredient.  

Another woman considered herself a doodler and thought that she couldn't tangle.  She was thrilled to learn that she could, in fact, create art with the Zentangle Method and incorporate tangles into her previous line art.  I'm thrilled to think of all of the creative exploration she has in her future.

I would like to personally thank this class for helping me find some relaxed focus despite the chaos I felt at home.  I was truly touched and moved that everyone shared this journey with me.