I teach Zentangle classes in the Northeastern Massachusetts/Southern New Hampshire area.  Workshops, small group parties, staff workshops, and individual instruction are available.  Please contact me at to discuss rates and other information.  I'd love to share the Zentangle method with you!

Learn how to combine subtle toned papers with black, white, and brown pens and pencils to create a stunning Renaissance feel in your tangling.  Take your existing patterns, along with some new ones, back in time as we explore new techniques with color, shading, and highlights.  
Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your Zentangle supplies.

Thursday, January 15, 2014 from 7:00-9:00 pm

Zentangle® Basics

Discover your inner artist with the Zentangle® method of creating artwork through structured patterns.  This creative, inspiring, and relaxing practice only takes minutes to do and few materials.  Zentangle is great for people on the go, moms, or anyone looking for a few minutes to themselves.  All materials will be included in this introductory class.  Note: if you have taken this class with me before, I'll provide new information for you to keep it fun!


Other Classes: Dates To Be Announced

What happens when Zentangle and Mandala meet?  Experience a wonderfully interesting way to combine patterns with white and dark space in a circular form.  We will explore several methods for creating the these balanced pieces as well as patterns that fit well within the unique spaces.  Zendalas are relaxing and luxurious to create.  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your basic tangling supplies.  

My Tangled Garden

Learn to use the Zentangle Method to create a stunning art garden with a focus on organic
tangle patterns. Create the garden of your dreams through blossoms, blooms, and vines!  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your Zentangle supplies and your creations.

Let's turn our tangling upside down by using white pens and fantastic highlighting techniques on black tiles!  Watch your patterns glow, and learn about interesting ways to add color in the dark.  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  All materials will be included in this class, although you may want to bring your black Micron.  

Peekaboo Cards: Zentangle Inspired Art 

Learn how to use tangles to create beautiful greeting cards to make as gifts or to send throughout the year.  Peekaboo cards feature a special surprise as well as a variety of botanical and flowing patterns.  This fun and easy technique translates into journals as well as cards.  Learn how to explore your art in new ways in time for the holidays.  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your basic tangling supplies. 

Zentangle: Beyond the Basics

Learn fun and easy techniques for enhancing your Zentangle designs.  We'll bring new dimension to your tangles with advanced shading techniques, more complex tangle patterns, fun fillers, and string variations.  Learn several new tangle patterns to add to your collection.  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your Zentangle supplies and your creations.

Zentangle®: Playing with Patterns

In this fun and relaxing intermediate class, we will learn new ways to explore new and favorite patterns through tangleations.  Learn how to expand your repertoire of tangles with enhancements and new techniques.  Create a handy reference sheet for when you have tangler's block too.  Prerequisite:  Zentangle Basics class.  Please bring your tangling supplies.  

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