Tuesday, July 25, 2017

To Not Fitting In

This week's Diva challenge by guest blogger, Elisa Murphy, CZT, really spoke to me.

She wrote about the worries and joys of not fitting in.  I had immediate flashbacks to my middle school and high school life when I, too, did not fit in.  I was voted "most unique" in my senior yearbook because I didn't buck the system; I went to another galaxy, found their system, and bucked that one too.  I was the crazy metal chick in a sea of preppies.  I took every '80s fad to the Nth degree.  When neon was in, the kids turned off the lights to see which parts of me would glow.  When spandex was in, I rocked it like a hurricane (please tell me my fellow glam rockers got the reference).  When it was time to feather my hair, I teased and waged war with my curls for hours until they succumbed to a swooshlike backwards wave.  I defended students' rights to wear ripped jeans to the Vice Principal.  I did all of these things simultaneously, ironically, and happily.  I loved my style at a cost.

I sought to be popular but just wasn't that kid.  I looked different and thought differently.  I embraced my uniqueness but struggled like most new-to-hormones pre-teens do.  It's hard to be one of the herd when you're the spandex-rocking, jelly-bracelet-covered, blazing neon sheep.  Even the coyotes are afraid of you.

Over time, I tamed my ways (damn boring '90s).  I settled into a great adult life with my family and friends.  I learned that I can be who I want, quirks and all.  I don't need anyone's approval; I can fit in with me!

'Nzeppel is a favorite tangle of mine.  Elisa picked it because it is a weird tangle that doesn't quite fit in.  Sometimes it's a grid, and sometimes it's random.  It can fit into any shape or flow on its own.  

For this challenge, I decided to try my hand at the new overlapping technique, Tranzending, on a Renaissance tile.  'Nzeppel and Flux can be misfits together.

Thanks for the trip down wacky memory lane, Elisa.  I laughed at the store the other night when I saw the '80s influences--ripped jeans, studs, and open shoulders.  I wasn't a misfit.  I was just ahead of my time.  Rock on, tanglers!
Tile by Emily Classon, CZT, MomZenArtist.


  1. "It's hard to be one of the herd when you're the spandex-rocking, jelly-bracelet-covered, blazing neon sheep. Even the coyotes are afraid of you." LOL. I wish I knew you back then. I was such a 180 degree opposite (mousey and drab) that I was also out there---my not fitting in time was the late 60s-early 70's, talk about a wild time. You're ahead of the curve with Transzending. I've only seen one other person, so far, who has used it in response to this week's challenge. Write and tangle on! :)

  2. I love your 'nzeppel. It's simple and elegant. Great story too;-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Out there people always impressed me. Still do. Keep rocking like a hurricane! (Nice tile too.)

  4. Great TranZending tile, Mom. I like it. I come from the '60's, talk about not fitting in...so I joined the Navy to fit in and stayed for 30 years, I guess because I actually fit right in. My kind of people.