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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tangling up a storm: Diva 93 part 2

I posted my response to the Diva challenge early but just couldn't stop myself from making more.  I'm in love with this new pattern.  I decided to try doing the original filled-in version.

I was creatively inspired during Hurricane Sandy, and fortunately I had electricity and could still tangle.

I created two stormy tiles using just Bunzo in a monotangle (using a single pattern).

The first is white gelly roll pen on a black tile.  Then I used my black pen for a second layer of unfilled Bunzo over the top.  I love the look of black on white on black!

The second tile was metallic dark colored gelly roll pens on a black tile.  It's shimmery in person.

I love these!


  1. Happy to see people using the black tiles. Gives a much different perspective. Great job.

  2. Great job on both of these--I like the soft pastels on the second and the first is wonderful swirly stormy!

  3. Thanks for showing Bunzo on a black tile. I intended to use a black tile but did not do it yet. Now I have seen yours I am absolutelu going to do it.
    I love yours, especially the second one.

  4. The black tiles give quite a different feel... I 'specially love the second one with the pastel colors - I bet it looks even better in real life.

  5. Very brave to use black and the outcome is just wow!!

  6. I love the way your first tile seems to almost turn bunzo inside out. It reminded me of mushrooms, for some reason. I love it when things like that happen. The black tiles are very striking, and a brave choice for this tangle. I also love the pastel colours in the second tile.