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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Season for Leaves

I love autumn!  It's my favorite time of the year.  In addition to celebrating my wedding anniversary and my daughter's birthday, it's also time for stunning color-changing leaves.  I love the way the orange, red, and yellow tones look against the brown trunks and cloudy, gray-blue fall sky.  It's like the leaves are going out in a final blaze of glory before succumbing to the bleak grayness of winter.

What do the changing and falling leaves make you think or feel?

One of my favorite tangled pieces, and one that is most often discussed by others, is my autumn leaves piece using a Dreamweaver stencil.  You can read more about my inspiration and creation of this piece on a past blog post.

As the weather grows colder, and the stores become disturbingly filled with Christmas decorations and gifts, I find it difficult not to think about the ever-approaching winter.  I felt inspired to recreate my autumn trees with a wintery look to help ease into the idea of cold, snow, ice, skidding cars, slush, bulky coats, boots, slip-and-falls, and all the other things that come with my least favorite time of year.  Sure, I love Christmas and the pretty look of a snow-covered yard, but after a few days, I'm ready for spring again.  Here's my tangled tree version of winter trees:  

This time I tangled all of the low branches since winter makes it much easier to see all the bony lines when the branches aren't not obscured by lovely leaves.  I quite enjoy how skeletal and stark this piece came out.  I hope you like it too!

If you love these trees, check out my upcoming craft fairs this fall. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

'Tis the Season for Pumpkins

Well it's my favorite time of the year!  In addition to my daughter's birthday and my wedding anniversary, it's also time to celebrate crisp mornings, changing leaves, witches, and pumpkins!  I love Autumn and pretty much everything that goes along with it.

When my daughter and I recently went pumpkin picking, I was very tempted by the interesting white pumpkins in the field.  I so wanted to tangle one.  Unfortunately, they were quite large and were a bit heavy to lug home for tangling.

My little pumpkin selector found a small pumpkin for herself as well as a nice smooth pumpkin for her daddy.  When we got home, the smooth pumpkin called out for tangles.  Often when tangling a pumpkin, I'll follow the ridges or ribs on the outside filling with bands of patterns.  This pumpkin was so smooth, I treated it like a blank canvas tangling all around.  I used some of my favorite garden patterns and threw in a few regular patterns too.  I used a fine point Sharpie.  This was fun to do!

Have some seasonal fun with your tangling too.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thanks for Tangling

I had a great time tangling with a new group of people at the Center at Punchard in Andover.  The enthusiastic group included twelve beginner tanglers, a few with some previous art experience.  It was wonderful to share the Zentangle Method® with everyone.  
I think everyone did a fantastic job!

I love how each person makes the patterns his or her own.  Check out how different each version of Crescent Moon is.  Some are very bold and dark, and some have many delicate lines.  I showed some variations for playing with Bales, and each person used different shading and fillers to further make the tiles individual art.
During this class, I learned an interesting lesson about white noise.  I love playing the beautiful flute music by Rick Roberts during my classes to add to the relaxing atmosphere.  Our tangling space had a different "musical" option--that of the compressor of a yogurt machine turning on and off intermittently throughout the night.  

Sometimes our environment might not be the most relaxing--due to visual clutter, phones or people asking for us, or external noises--but we can achieve a focused sense of relaxation thanks to the Zentangle Method®.  With each step or stroke, we can let those distractions melt away along with any stress we might be feeling too.  Give it a try!