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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tangling for Focus

I love being able to use the Zentangle® method to increase my focus.  I've been impressed by how clearly I can hear narrators on audiobooks or speakers in meetings while I tangle along with them.  Instead of taking notes, which means I'm tracking data rather than listening, when I tangle, I absorb more of the information.  Tangling lets me shut off the part of my brain that tends to roam into other thoughts.

I attended the Massachusetts Library Association conference on Thursday and was glad I brought my tangling supplies!  I took notes during some of the sessions, and I tangled during others.  I enjoyed being able to create while listening.  When I needed to jot something down in my notebook, I did.  Note to self: put the Micron down, and pick up the regular pen next time!  :-)

Here are the pieces I created while being focused on listening:

This tangled library seemed appropriate to create during a library conference session with area authors.  It was fun to balance these heavy books!  I hope that Indyrella fish can breathe.

Why 18, you ask?  I had learned that morning that I was down 18 pounds due to my healthy new way of eating.  Woohoo!  Yeah, me!  My daughter likes this tile because she loves to point out numbers.

I created a smaller tangled garden to see how it would feel on a tile.  The tiles are nice and portable--perfect for meetings!

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