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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Fun

What's a fun thing to do during summer vacation?  Tangle!

I had a great time tangling with 10 older kids the other day.  Several had had some exposure to Zentangle® art previously, and the hostess had tangled with me before too.

When I have a tangler return for another class, I always make sure I teach some new material--different patterns, relaxation techniques, shading ideas, or other ways to use the art.  There is so much to explore with the Zentangle Method, that it's easy to keep it new and exciting.

We went over patterns that she hadn't learned yet and found some that might be fun to try.  When we talked about the strings we had used in the past, the student suggested we try a "B" this time.  Why not?    Any shape, line, or combination should work as a starting off point, so "B" it was.  We ended up with two large areas and several smaller areas to fill with tangles.

I think the group had a fun time judging by the fact that they all wanted to tangle with me again.  :-)

Didn't they do a fantastic job?

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