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Monday, February 10, 2014

Playing with Patterns

Do you enjoy playing with tangle patterns?

I love challenging myself to try different patterns.  Sometimes I can get stuck on a handful of favorites, and I enjoy mixing things up and trying new things.  I never know when I'll find a new favorite!

I've been playing with a variety of patterns referenced on or the Diva Challenge.

Last week, the Diva asked us to play with the pattern Jailed Johnny by fellow CZT Sadelle Wiltshire. I'm finally getting around to posting my response to this challenge.

Here is an ATC with a variation of the pattern.  I played with it in my Tangle-A-Day calendar and found that I enjoyed using the pattern in a band or border.  It was fun to alternate the heart shapes.

This is a timely pattern for Valentine's Day too.

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