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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Flitter's Friends

When I created my tangle Flitter, I realized it was similar to other dandelion-inspired tangles.  I played with a few similar designs in my Tangle-A-Day calendar when I came up with Flitter.

One of my favorites is Dandi by CZT Sandhya Manne.  I especially love using this pattern in garden ZIAs.  It is similar to B'Dylan by CZT Mary Beth Schoonover too, but they build differently.  The third column reminds me of a large AHH by Zentangle®.

I love how tangles can be reminiscent of each other but inspired by unique items or experiences and have different step outs.  We are all surrounded by the same patterns and shapes, which makes them part of our communal artistic language.  It is beautiful to see multiple people be inspired by a similar shape.  Each person brings his or her own ideas and creativity to the pattern making it special and unique.

I know there are other tangle friends similar to Flitter.  Please let me know if you find some so I can include them here.  

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