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Friday, February 26, 2016


When teaching classes, I love that the answer I can give to most of the questions is YES!
  • "May I fill this part if I want to?"
  • "Is it okay if I go over the line here?"
  • "Can I put this pattern here?"
  • "I made up my own tangle for this spot.  Is that okay?"


I love that the Zentangle® method allows us to make our own choices as we tangle.  Our border and string can be guides to help build comfort while breaking up a possibly intimidating space.  They can provide places for tangles to sit cozily or a starting point for patterns to blossom and grow safely outside the lines.  

Whether you prefer to color inside the lines, venture outside, or play with a mixture depending on your mood, the Zentangle® method allows for all possibilities.

If you're inspired to follow a particular tangle throughout a piece or morph it into a tangleation, or variation, you're free to explore any way you choose.  This is your art and your process to enjoy.

It's so rare in life to learn something new that doesn't have a lot of limits or rules.  

I was thrilled to pass on these "rules" to two wonderful library classes this week.  Look at the stunning pieces they created:
Zendala tiles created at the Peabody Institute Library 
Tiles created at the Hamilton-Wenham Library

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