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Monday, August 27, 2012

From a different pen

I've mostly been doing traditional Zentangle art--black on a white tile.  At my CZT training, I started to play with some variations with surprising results.  I started these tiles at the training but didn't finish them until yesterday.

Here's my first white on black tile.  I absolutely love the shading and highlighting effect the Gelly Roll pen has, although I missed the feel of the Micron.  I didn't think the lines were as sharp, but the pen was also a bit more forgiving in that the first stroke was often lighter.

Next I played with my green Micron on a white tile.  This had some fun effects too especially once I shaded.  I think Fengle is going to be one of my new favorite tangles!

Ok, this one isn't a different color, but it was also started during my training and finished when I got home.  I learned Betweed at the training and love how Mooka fit right into the center ribs so it looks like the fronds just curl right from the center.

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  1. that betweed and mooka look great together - good idea!