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Friday, September 7, 2012

Oops there are no mistakes in Zentangle

While I was working on a Zendala tile, I had planned to alternate sections using two different tangle patterns.  I enjoyed the coloring in of my squares so much that I colored right into two connected sections.  It wasn't how I intended the tile to look, but it ended up being great.  I had planned to use Purk in every other area, but I abandoned that idea immediately and kept coloring--quite happily, I might add.  It reminded me that there are no mistakes in Zentangle®.  This happy accident encouraged me to go with it and to keep having fun coloring despite my original plan.

Zentangle art evolves and isn't all mapped out in the beginning.  Even if I have an idea in mind, it's great to be flexible enough to see what happens.  New shapes, new ideas, new inspiration can change everything!  Hmm, this seems like a good way to approach life, doesn't it.

Here's the tile:

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