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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A tangled tree

The Andover Historical Society hosts an annual tree exhibit featuring trees decorated by community groups and businesses.  Each tree is inspired by an item from the Society's collection.  Along with my coworkers at Memorial Hall Library, I've helped decorate trees including an a Alice in Wonderland tree inspired by a tea set.  This year, I wanted to branch out (no pun intended) and try my own tree, Zentangle style.

The inspiration piece is a crazy quilt from the Society's collection. It has amazing patterns, colors, and fabrics.  My Tangled Tree features reproductions of my Zentangle art.

A Tangled Tree
Created by Emily Classon, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Life is composed of patterns.

From the delicate veins of a leaf to the glistening angles of a snowflake, nature provides perfect examples of true artistry.  Used in art and architecture, patterns repeat with familiar and beautiful precision.  

This tangled tree is inspired by the intricate handmade patterns created in a crazy quilt. A patchwork of fabric, a quilt stitches together color, patterns, family, and history preserving the domestic and artistic culture of an era.  

Instead of needle and thread, these ornaments are sewn with pen and paper using the Zentangle® method of creating art through structured patterns.  Within each piece lies the traditions and patterns of art and craft throughout history.

If you can, I highly recommend visiting the Andover Historical Society to see this year's trees.  There are a lot of creative and talented people in Andover.  It's always exciting to see what people come up with to accompany an artifact from the collection.

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