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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday card class

Do you ever learn a new craft and then wonder what else you can do with it?  I've always had a rule that if I pick up a new craft that it has to use some of the same materials as my other crafts or be able to be used in conjunction so I have a better chance of using up my stash of supplies.  I've been a scrapbooker for many years so when I became interested in making greeting cards, it was a logical extension.  I could use my papers, rubber stamps, and other supplies to make cards.

Zentangle® is different to me than just a craft--it's a philosophy, a way of life, and a life-saver!  I would have been drawn to Zentangle even if I needed a lot of fancy supplies.  A great thing about Zentangle is there aren't a lot of necessary supplies--the right pen, the right paper, a pencil, and you're ready to create and relax.

While I've been tangling on my Zentangle tiles and on watercolor paper, I've been exploring other materials and ways to use this method.  I've tangled on a variety of surfaces and have used tangles in my scrapbooking.  I started to go through a bunch of my scrapbooking supplies and found lots of great items that I could use with my tangling.  I found a variety of markers, chipboard, cute metal tins, ornaments, and much more.  My scrapbooking supplies that had been collecting dust now found a new purpose in life--to be tangled!  I was surprised that I had inadvertently found another craft that could use supplies that I already had.  Yeah me!

For the December holiday card class, we'll be tangling some seasonal cards.  I created various shapes, with my Cricut die-cutting machine, to use as stencils on the cards.  Here are a few examples including a tree, snowman, and mug of hot cocoa (with or without spirits).

Sign up today to learn how to do more with your Zentangle practice.  Use your tangle patterns in new ways to make great gift ideas!  We'll still follow the same relaxing practice using the Zentangle method using some seasonal shapes to guide us.

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