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Friday, November 30, 2012

Diva challenge 97: no strings!

Wow, I'm late with this week's Diva challenge.  It's been a busy week with work, family, and an awesome Zentangle® class!

I often tangle without strings and just let the patterns evolve on their own.  Sometimes this works for me, and sometimes I get stuck.  I love how a string can help take some of the pressure off by dividing up the space and giving us an easier starting point.  To string or not to string?  It all depends on my mood that day and how inspired I feel to dive in.

For this week's challenge, I tried the Diva's approach of starting in a corner and working until the tangles mesh.  I've been into some of the botanical patterns lately and thought it would be fun to combine them into a tile together.  I think it looks like bees coming at the flower.  :-)

I couldn't decide if I liked the tile like this or if I wanted to add some color.  I'm always so inspired by LeeAnn's amazing artwork and use of color, so I tried my hand at a little watercolor.  I wanted a subtle look and only used a little of my Inktense pencils.  The green in the leaves reads as yellow here unfortunately, but it's really a pretty pale lime green.  The colors are much nicer in person.  Here's the colored in version:


  1. I love the tile, is so sweet, all the flowers pointing to the sun. Adorable.

  2. Very thematic, and environ friendly! Every one gets inspired by Lee-Ann.

  3. Both lovely, but with colour it's more outspoken.

  4. I love the original tile, but to me, it really popped and came together with the addition of color. Lovely!