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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tangling fun at MHL!

I taught a Zentangle Basics class at Andover's Memorial Hall Library this week.  It was my largest class yet--26 people!  A few had experience Zentangle® before, but for most, it was the first time.  Everyone did great!

I enjoyed trying out my presenter setup with an iPad and projector so more people could watch while I demonstrated the tangle patterns.  I think it worked out well.

Every class I teach is different, and each is amazing!  Different questions, energy, and ideas come up every single time.  I thought more about shading this time after hearing a few people comment that they didn't want to shade their tiles.  I've taken classes that didn't include shading, and I like to give people the option.

I told the class that I hated shading when I first started tangling.  I didn't like feeling like I'd mess up my tile.  I was really missing out though.  Now, I LOVE to shade!  It's impressive to watch patterns rise or recede with a little pencil.  Shading gives the design new texture, light, and shadow.  Some patterns pop with dimension when shaded.

The best comment I heard when everyone looked at the tile mosaic was, "I can't even find mine!"  People who weren't sure that they liked their first tile were pleased to see all of the creations together.  :-)

Check out the awesome tiles they created:

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