Saturday, November 10, 2012

My new tangle: Feesh

My daughter provides me with new inspiration on a daily basis.  She's such a happy, funny little toddler!

Like most 2-year olds, her favorite snack is Goldfish crackers.  She asks for them often, but unfortunately she doesn't always eat them.  She likes to dump them out all over the floor, crush them with her feet, and decorate our home in Goldfish art.

I'm a pretty laid back mom, but this practice can get trying at times.  Once while she was putting her fish into the bowl and out of the bowl, losing them all over the floor, I started to tangle the experience.  I started making various Goldfish looking shapes but wasn't pleased with them.  Sure, they were fairly easy to do, but they weren't worthy of all of the amazing tangle patterns that people have created.

I picked up my fishline attempts and decided to try again.  This time, I started with the straight line as the tail fin and added the teardrop fish body shape.  It started to remind me a bit of Flux, so I added lines, a dot like an eye, and sometimes bubbles.  Even though the Zentangle method is not for representational images, I still thought this pattern would fit.  I was not trying to recreate fish, rather, I was inspired by the shape to make something fishlike.

I think the end result looks like a variety of things--Japanese lanterns, leaves, lights, and more.  They can be created with a straight or curved line to start.

The name "Feesh" comes from Rico on Penguins of Madagascar, a show my husband and I both enjoy.  Rico always calls his fish "Feesh!" hence the name of my new tangle.

I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to share some of your Feesh creations with me!


  1. Emily - I think your comment about tangles not looking like something is important to remember! Although I am impressed by many of the tangles out there, I am looking, admiring, but not adding them to my collection.

    For me, a person who is not naturally artistic, I have found an indescribable creative pleasure in Zentangle. I can make designs that bring me happiness and other people pleasure mainly because my art is non-representational and I don't have to compare my efforts to either "the real thing" or a more talented person's version of the real thing. I find this very freeing.

    As with many creative endeavours, Zentangle grows and develops as more people become involved- but to me, the mindful, meditative effects of Zentangle come from the original concept that Rick and Maria have articulated.

    Don't get me wrong! I am not commenting on your pattern in particular or on the many, many new and absolutely beautiful patterns that are appearing almost daily - I value them - but I am saying that it is important we don't lose sight of the fundamentals of Zentangle; they bring peace and pleasure not only to the "Artists" amongst us, but also to the many people who have found Zentangle and found something they never knew they had - an ability to make pleasing, exquisite art from a place inside them they never knew existed!

  2. Jakki, that's what I love so much about Zentangle--anyone can create beautiful pieces whether they consider themselves artists or not. I consider myself crafty not artistic, and I'm in awe of what people are creating. What's freeing about Zentangle, for me, is that I can make it whatever I want. I can follow the traditional Zentangle method, or I can adapt it to create other pieces of art. As long as the process is relaxing, I consider it a success.

    While this pattern was inspired by a fish shape, it's not really a fish. I sometimes draw just the teardrop and inner lines without the embellishments. I couldn't draw a real fish if I tried!

    I find inspiration and patterns in everything in life. It was wonderful at my CZT training when Rick and Maria sent us to develop our own tangle patterns. I had never thought of creating a pattern before that assignment. While I still prefer the official patterns, I love to see the variations and other ideas that people have. We are all drawn to different techniques, challenges, and ideas.

  3. This is so cool. I will have to try this new one.