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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love Heals

The third Zendala I created this week was for a "CZT Love Heals" event to create Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) for the families affected by the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I again used my Mandala stencils but put the dots off center.  I knew I wanted to work with hearts to send my love and positive energy along with my artwork.  I drew several hearts then filled them in, largest to smallest.  The hearts are in a spiral growing larger as they get closer.  I usually prefer the standard black and white look of Zentangle art, but for this piece, I wanted to experiment with color.  I tried to use bright, colorful, rainbow-like colors, thinking of the way a child would like to color.

This was my first time playing with my new Tombow markers and blender pen.  The colors are lovely, but I still have to experiment with how they blend, bleed, and shade.  I love how the larger hearts almost bulge and look puffy due to the patterns and shading achieved with the markers.  

The requirement for this artwork was that every stroke had to be created with thoughts, prayers, and positive energy.  Even though I am not thrilled with the end result because my emotions got the better of me, I can say that every stroke was made with love.  I was devastated when I learned about this tragedy, and I've had a hard time coping with it especially now that I am a mom.  

While I listened to the news and details unfold, I sat in my car crying and tangling.  I am once again thankful to have the Zentangle® method to help me center myself and to help manage my emotions.  After a while, and a very shaky looking end product, I felt calmer and able to return to my day (and give my daughter a massive hug!).

Zentangle art isn't about perfection.  I'm not a computer, and I can't draw perfectly straight lines or perfectly round circles.  I can, however, use the Zentangle method to help myself and others heal.  

Here is my "Love Heals" submission:

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