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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation


I think this has been the most relaxing vacation I've ever had, despite the whiny toddler with yet another cold.  Maybe I'm surviving that because of the tangling.  :-)

I'm still having a blast playing with my Mandala stencils.  Here is the second one I created starting with a blank tile:

I built my Zendala pattern from the center out adding a variety of pointed and slightly rounded shapes.  I filled in the center with one of my favorite patterns, Inapod, by Carole Ohl.  Next I moved to the outer edge for some of Rick's Paradox and one of the new Diva Dance patterns.  Then I couldn't decide what to do.  I liked the second row of "leaves" blank, and the librarian in me thought they started to look like books.  I added an extra border to the edges and decided to leave it be.  I wanted some circle on the outside and filled a skinny border with Keeko and orbs.

I had a great time shading this one thanks to tips from Cris Letourneau.  I love how Inapod looks puffy and rounded.

Since I'm having such a wonderful time creating my Zendalas, I've decided to teach a class on this in February.  Check out the details on my workshops page.

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