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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Itsy Bitsy Phicops

What's new?  It's a new year and a new Monday which means a new Diva challenge and new tangle pattern!  Is that new enough for you?  :-)

This week's UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge is from the Diva's husband (and birthday boy) B-Rad.  I wasn't sure if I'd like Phicops at first, but now I'm a believer.  I can't believe how easy this pattern is to create and to tangleate (alter).  There are so many fun possibilities!

And now for a song:
The itsy bitsy Phicops
Swirled onto a blank tile.
Down came the pen
And swooshed the edges round.
Up popped the peaks
To fill with lines and shades.
And the itsy bitsy Phicops
Fills up a tile again.

Does anyone else think that Phicops looks like the Sydney Opera House?

I did two tiles today to play with this new pattern.  I see this one ending up in my usual bag of tangle tricks.  The first is a Zendala tile that I filled with Phicops (and a little background Amaze).

The second was a tile that I had started ages ago but never finished.  I guess I didn't like the string that much so I stopped after working on the Socc piece of it.  I had another loop in my string and filled it with some Phicops.


  1. These are just great, YEEESSSSSS the Sydney Opera House :) The Zendala tile is superb !

  2. I love your zendala! Brilliant tangelations! I just read Mariet's post and how it reminded her of the opera house--totally agree! Beautiful work Emily! And love the rhyme, too--haha!

  3. I love Phicops more each time I open a site! These two tiles are wonderfully beautiful!

  4. Both are beautiful. I love the organic feeling of the first one. The second one has great tangle combination.

  5. Both of these are beautiful, but I really love the 1st one! I think it is really stunning!

  6. They are both very nice. Phicops as a monotangle especially, with gorgeous shading!

  7. Really like the Zendala and the different variations that you used. Very great to just look at and enjoy.

  8. Oh, super song! You do great peaks!

  9. I hadn't thought of it but "yes" it does look like the opera house...but yours don't. These are lovely and fescu works well in the second tile.

  10. Absolute gorgeaous. My favorite is the monotangle zendala. Wow!!!

  11. Very fun song - you made me smile. Love your tiles - the first one is great with subtle variations and embelishments, but I'm a fan of randomness and I just love the second tile with your great choices of tangles that keep the eye moving and searching.

  12. Both wonderful, but really like something special in each one. The Zendala is gorgeous with the maze binding it together. I love the second pillow look with a "bow".