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Sunday, January 6, 2013


It's a new year and time to try new things!  I decided to try my hand at the weekly Bright Owl Zendala challenge.  I've been loving Zendalas lately but haven't jumped in on these challenges for a few reasons. At first I wasn't sure how to create the original weekly pattern to fill.  Then I didn't really want to print out the design on random paper and either fill it in there or figure out how to transfer it to a better paper.

Obstacles get in the way of doing what we want.  With Zentangle®, I love that the obstacles are removed from the process, allowing me to enjoy, relax, and create whenever I want to.

I liked Erin's Zendala Dare 39 post about "ZenDon't" and thought I should try it this week.  The challenge, in addition to using a particular Zendala design, is to stop the resolution madness.  Instead of pledging to do a long list of things that will never actually be completed (ok, let's face it, started), Erin talked about "anti-resolutions" from Jenn at Girl Defying Gravity.  The "anti-resolution" is a way to take off the pressure by reducing the load on each of us rather than piling up a bunch of unrealistic expectations.  Rather than saying, "I will do" to various goals, it may be easier to say, "I won't do" to things that could be pared back.

I usually do ok with resolutions, but I'm game to give it a try.  :-)

Here is my anti-resolution list for this Zendala Dare:

  1. Don't not start the Zendala Dares just because I'm joining midstream.
  2. Don't let an obstacle or misconception get in the way of creating.
  3. Don't use black pen.
  4. Don't use my usual or familiar patterns.
I'm quite pleased with my end result and the way I responded to all of those "Don'ts."
  1. Don't  - Jump in.
  2. Don't  - I used my Mandala Stencils from Genevieve Crabbe to create an approximation of the string.  I had to tweak the design to fit in a few places, but I think it still works.
  3. Don't - I used sepia tone Microns throughout the design.  No black pen here at all (even though it looks like it because that never-used sepia pen was nice and juicy).
  4. Don't - I have never before used any of the patterns seen in the tile.  I used:  Flutter Pie, Venetian, Vermal, and Eye-Wa.

Thanks for making me think outside the box this week and for making me find the positive in "Don't."


  1. Congratiolations! You did it well,.!!!!!

  2. Stunning! I've never seen Venetian and Vermal and love them both (will have to look them up!) Your use of sepia is really eye-catching.

  3. Your Zendala Dare is great! Love the tangles you used and how it's colored.
    Wanted to share that I just print out the Zentangle on card stock or scrapbook paper and start filling in the spaces. I've also print the Dare on plain paper (the thinner the better) and cover all the lines with pencil (using a 4B shading pencil) on the back side of the design. I place the penciled paper (right side up) onto card stock (or other paper you are going to use), and trace over the design (with a different color pen.) This will transfer the design to the card stock. I find this work well. Hope this was helpful.

    1. Thanks, Ronnie. I've heard of this idea before but couldn't remember the steps. I'm very into using my stencils to create my own Zendala designs--I find it as relaxing as tangling. I think I'll try this or a bit, but if a deign is too large or difficult to decipher, I'll try printing on card stock. That's a good backup pla. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. What a yummy zendala! Wow, it just look rich and beautiful!

  5. Great job--love your patterns and the warm chocolatey color! Well done!

  6. I like it very much done in those sepia color. Your design really pops up wel done!

  7. Great shading toward the center. Makes them "float". Grat Zendala!

  8. Terrific zendala. Love your tangle choices and your colors, and your anti-resolution list!