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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Do I Have To?

I spent a lovely gray day doing something I love.... tangling and sharing the Zentangle® method with others.  I had a wonderful time teaching at the Stevens Memorial Library in North Andover to an eager group of new and returning tanglers.  I made sure to mix up the tangles so everyone would learn patterns that were new to them.

This class had such a wonderful energy with thoughtful questions and focused tangling.

One of the great questions was, "Do I have to divide up my tile?"  There are few "have tos" with the Zentangle method.  I love how freeing this art form is.  The border and string can help take some of the fear out of starting--if a blank canvas is intimidating, break it up into smaller pieces.  If the border and string feel confining, just start tangling anywhere on the tile.  It's up to you how you want to proceed each time you pick up your pen.

I often tangle without the border and string, but sometimes I feel less creative, or my mind is full of thoughts.  During those times, I find the string and border freeing because they help me to get started.  These are tools to help with our tangling, but tools should not become barriers to creating.

The 20+ attendees explored a variety of fun patterns including some of my favorites like Bunzo and Indyrella.  Someone said that a pattern looked like a fingerprint, so I threw in some Seaswirl to add another fingerprint feel.  I love how my lesson plan evolves along with the class and the comments and questions I hear.

I had a fantastic time teaching this class.  Several participants had the best smiles throughout the entire time.  I felt those smiles and swear they popped into my Bunzo and other smiley-looking patterns.  :-)

Thank you to the Stevens Memorial Library and my fellow tanglers for a lovely afternoon.  Here is a sample of the tiles they created.  Some people had to leave early, so we weren't able to capture their beautiful artwork, unfortunately.  Didn't everyone do a great job?

This mosaic includes the finished tile as well as a partial second tile with some more patterns and the option of working with a border and string or tangling freeform.

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