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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Year of the Snake

For Chinese New Year, the Diva challenged us to create something snakelike for the Year of the Snake.

I created my "snake" string by taking one of my daughter's lacing strings and laying it on my paper.  I roughly traced the outlines.  I decided to play with some scaly patterns for this ZIA and used Bales, Cadent, and Huggins.  I just found an awesome new pattern by Shoshi called Y-Ful Power.  I thought it was a lot of fun to create and to shade.

I filled in my snake shape and shaded to make it rise above the rest a bit.



  1. Outstanding! I love your contrast and Y-Full power is a dramatic tangle.

  2. You did a great job with this challenge! Y-full power looks great, but I have to practice more, because I find it a bit difficult to do.

  3. Beautiful use of pattern and design!