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Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Hip to be Square

This week's Bright Owl Zendala Dare template had a variety of squares and some guitar pick shapes.  I decided to try using the template on a regular Zentangle® tile to keep with the squares.

Most likely from fatigue, I wasn't feeling particularly creative when I picked up my tile, but I hoped that tangling would inspire me.  The squares encouraged me to use some Paradox in a different way.  I tried picking up my pen around the petal/guitar pick shapes, continuing my line on the other side.  I quickly learned that this idea was better in my mind than on the tile as the fun spirals created within Paradox were all hidden!  Oh well, just keep on tangling.

I had thought of doing something roundish in the other shapes, and I knew I wanted to use a red pen.  Valentine's Day might be creeping into my mind this week.  :-)  My pen just connected the lines, so I went with it.

Next up, shading!  I had a lot of fun shading around the boxes and within Paradox.  I love how the boxes look raised or stacked on top of each other with some simple shading.  I wasn't expecting to like that look at all, but I'm glad I was wrong.  My funky Paradox trick didn't work right, but the shading was an unexpected bonus.

If something doesn't turn out like you pictured it in your mind, is that really a bad thing?  Maybe it's just time to think about it in a new way.


  1. This is really great! What a brilliant ide!!

  2. Very funky and clever. I think the paradox variations are great.

  3. Great idea! It reminds me of a box, in a box, that is in a box! Love it!

  4. so simple and sooo beautyfull!!!

  5. Looks really cool. Love the monotangle. It looks like stacked wooden boxes.