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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zentangle Isn't a Quandary

Life poses a lot of quandaries.  How do we act?  What do we say?  Which choice should we make?

Fortunately, with the Zentangle® method, there are very few quandaries.  Just pick up a pen and tile and start tangling!  No fear, no worries, no expectations.

This week's Diva challenge was to use the new official pattern Quandary.  I've been having mixed feelings about this pattern.  I find that any pattern that looks better with evenly spaced items is a bit tricky for me to do.  Of course that means I'll keep playing with it until I feel more comfortable with the pattern.

I love Carol Ohl's tangled love pattern/string and decided to create a Valentine with variations of Quandary and similar looking patterns.  It's isn't a quandary who I choose as my Valentine each and every year--my wonderful, darling husband.  We haven't been able to celebrate Valentine's Day with our daughter recovering from surgery, so I don't think he'll mind this Valentine being late.

I think my closest Quandary is in the bottom half of the two hearts toward the top.  Maybe it worked for me because it was a smaller space.  :-)


  1. You did a great job on incorporating quandary in the hearts!

  2. I think the hearts, filled with Quandary are great.

  3. Lovely work, Emily! Hope the wee one is recovering well!
    Kelley @

  4. Very pretty valentine and I like the way you've done quandry in bits and pieces, and similar patterns throughout. Like the different reds/pinks/purples too.