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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Creativity Unleashed

I'm enjoying a wonderful weekend in Northampton for a CZT retreat/training, Tangle U.

First, I'm in love with this town!  I have enjoyed every store and restaurant I've been to so far in the limited free time we have had.

Getting together with fellow tanglers is inspirational.  It's wonderful to share ideas, network, and gab.  We're all in the mood to get our tangle on, so it's a vibrant and buzzing environment.  It's nice to talk our tangle lingo and be understood.  We're a funny little creative Borg.

We didn't have any classes the first night, so we hung out and checked out the town.  I found an eclectic little shop that sold some pretty cool wooden spoons.  Yes, I had to tangle one!

Bright and early today we were up for a colorful journey with Marie Browning, my hero in the tangling with color world.  We created Dr. Seuss gardens with flowers, leaves, and very bright colors.  Trust me the the lighting in this photo doesn't do the colors justice!  It was really fun to add little critters like the dragonfly, ladybugs, and caterpillar.  I think my piece is a bit busy, but it was so fun to experiment with designs and color combinations.  I love my popped up dragonfly!  I bet my daughter would love this page.  

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