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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Rid of the Box

This week's Diva challenge posed an interesting idea.  Instead of thinking inside or outside the box, what if we got rid of the box completely?  

When I tangle, sometimes I use the border and string, and sometimes I just start with the blank piece.  Laura asked us to try something completely different this week and to do something that we wouldn't usually do.

That's where I had a little trouble.  I couldn't come up with something immediately.  I tangle in black and white or color.  I play with tangling on different surfaces.  I always try new patterns and strings.  I love experimenting and trying a variety of things.  So what would I do this week?

My daughter (almost 2.5) and I love to do crafts.  One of her favorites is her "dot dot art" with dauber markers.  When I'm tangling, she knows what I'm doing, and she identifies my work as "mommy's tangles."  I asked if she wanted to do a tangle with me, and an idea was born!

My daughter did her dot dot art on a piece of watercolor paper.  After letting it dry, I tangled it.  It was fun to use her colors and pattern as inspiration.  Here are the before and after pictures:

I think we make a pretty great mom-daughter team!  This was fun, and I'll definitely be doing this again.  Thanks, Laura, for making me think way beyond the box!


  1. This is a beautiful piece! I love how you used her art as the basis for your tangle shapes--kind of like the string. You make a great pair!

  2. How wonderful that you do art with your little girl. She will definitely grow up to appreciate and do art. A great idea, and a lovely outcome.

  3. Daughter and mother working together and creating beauty is a great way to see beauty!

    1. I was distracted, but I meant a great way to see creativity which brings out fabulous designs!

  4. Keep this 'forever', it's a great peace of art form you and her.

  5. Oh how wonderful to share your tangles with her dot art - it's lovely, and looks like fun.

  6. What a precious piece of artwork! I love how you incorporated her dot-dot art with your tangling.