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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweet Inspiration

My students always amaze me.

I love how excited they are when they first experience the joy of creating Zentangle® art.

I love when they have that "ah-ha" moment when they realize how easy it is to create something beautiful or how simple a complex-looking pattern actually is.

I love when their enthusiasm spreads to their friends and families.  People are so impressed when they see what their friends have created.

I love when my students share their art and inspiration with me!

I taught a fantastic class for one of my regular tangling students and her friends the other night.  It was wonderful to explore a variety of new tangles, some string ideas, and, of course, a relaxing and creative evening.  

It's a fun challenge for me to develop a class knowing that some of the participants have tangled with me previously.  I always want to provide something new and interesting in addition to the amazing creative energy that comes from the class setting.  For Jen's class, I explored teaching several patterns that I hadn't taught in my other classes.  I love trying new ideas too.

Here are the tiles created by this great group of tanglers:

Shortly after the class, Jen Dagenais sent me a photo of the tangled cupcakes she made.  I spy some tasty looking patterns in there including Static, Bunzo, Indyrella, Diva Dance, Umble, 'Nzeppel, Keeko, Huggins, Poke Leaf, Jetties, Schway, Poke Root, Zingers, Cadent, Quib, Printemps, Flux, Sand Swirl, Crescent Moon, Florz, and more.  

Wow, we've learned a lot of great patterns in our classes together, Jen!  :-)  Thanks for sharing your frosting art!  

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