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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tangled Poetry

I love writing and books.  I have dabbled with poetry throughout my life and have always been excited by language.  It only seems natural to combine my love of the written word with that of Zentangle® art!

For this ZIA, Zentangle-Inspired Art, I tangled a page from a book.  Gasp!  How could I rip apart a book?  Some books are worth keeping, rereading, and referencing.  Some are necessary in libraries, classrooms, and home bookshelves for years, yet others are merely useful as table proppers.

In this case, I found a book that I had in my collection that I no longer wanted.  I usually donate my like-new books to the library for their book sales, but I just couldn't part with this one.  It is about the Greek goddesses, another of my long-term favorite topics.  I felt inspired reading some of the pages, and I loved the font size and use of white space.  I knew I had to create art with this book.

After reading the page, I selected some words that spoke to me and reminded me of my spunky daughter.  My tangled poem is:

We Goddesses
my daughter
the kindest
loving to me
she was curious, high-spirited
brimming with ideas for bold adventures
she always won

I protected my words in mini boxes then filled the page with an assortment of tangle patterns.  It was fun to watch patterns evolve over the top of the text making the selected words pop.

This was a fun project.  Try it if you can part with a book.  

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