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Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Fun

I recently taught a Zentangle® Basics class for a family including including kids and adults.  When planning for this mixed-age group, I started thinking about my daughter's recent school lessons about camping.  I felt inspired by the idea of being outside at night with flashlights and critters and ended up selecting patterns that felt almost cavelike.  I had a fantastic time teaching a variety of different patterns that would be fun for the kids as well as the adults.

It was an honor to teach the pattern Antz by fellow CZT Dilip Patel from my certification group.  I thought the kids would enjoy that one.  :-)

I like how each student explored different ways of filling the negative spaces within patterns.

Even more, I love how this family chose to participate in this experience together.  When people share the Zentangle Method with each other, amazing things can happen.  Tanglers bond over the shared experience of creating unique art.  They are inspired and challenged by each other.  When the mind and world get too busy, being around other people who enjoy tangling can be a helpful reminder to follow your own passions.  Even if creating Zentangle art is a private practice, it can be enhanced by the creative energy from others.  I loved watching the parents and kids comment on each other's work with enthusiasm.

Check out the fantastic tiles this family created!

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