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Friday, September 20, 2013

Where do you tangle?

I carry a free cosmetic bag with me everywhere I go. It's a tune up bag rather than a touch up bag.  Filled with tiles and Microns, my bag helps me focus and regain my calm no matter where I am located.

I pull out my tangling bag of tricks in waiting rooms, lunch spots, and the car (as a passenger!).

Recently I found a new place to tangle. It was time for me to renew my license--yes, the dreaded RMV. There seems to be a universal disgust for the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Even in line, I heard complaints from other people about the wait or the general fact of being there.

I had a great time at the RMV!

Am I weird?  Maybe. For this visit, I chose to accept it for what it was--a necessary function to keep me driving. Instead of worrying about the time lost, I enjoyed having some quiet time to myself to tangle.  I worked on three pieces of an ensemble set. I had a great time, felt relaxed, and turned what could be an unpleasant situation into positive me-time.

Surprising I only had to wait thirty minutes. I had expected to be there for two hours so I was a bit disappointed I couldn't sit longer. Yes, maybe I am weird.

We are all busy. There's never enough time. I wonder if life would be easier if we could accept things for what they are and tried to make the most of them.

Here is the finished nine-tile ensemble that I worked on at the RMV.

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