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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back to the Well

I'll admit it.  I'm still not sure I like the pattern Well.  I've seen some beautiful uses of the pattern, but it just doesn't come easily to me.

I believe in trying patterns several times, and if they don't sit well (ha!), I put them aside for a while.  I come back at a later date to practice them again rather than giving up on them completely.  Some patterns make it into my regular repertoire, and some are occasional visitors.  I think Well just might be one of those "on occasion" patterns for me.

I don't mind if a pattern requires a bit more thought.  Sometimes it's fun to give myself a challenge and to work on a piece that needs a little planning.  If patterns become frustrating or have too many requirements, however, I find that they interfere with my creative process.  I don't want a patten to harsh my zen!

For this week's Diva challenge, I enjoyed playing with Pea-nuckle, but I wasn't too sure about Well.  I decided to give it another go.

I used a tangleation of Pea-nuckle using C-shapes rather than the full S-shapes.  I love how the pattern ends up looking like laces.

Next I added a few bands of Well in the background playing with the fillers.  I like the largest one with the extra petals and auras.  The more I filled in the squares, the more I liked it.  Well, isn't that swell?

Here's my third attempt at Well and my 11th ATC for the swap:

Normally I believe in trying something new and practicing until it feels comfortable.  With patterns, like books, I tend to believe that there are many others out there to experience.  If I don't enjoy a book after giving it a valiant effort, I switch to a different one.  I tend to do something similar with tangle patterns, although I do try to come back to experiment with them again another time.  

I don't look at this as quitting.  I see my choice to switch to other patterns as a way of reducing barriers to my creativity.  If I'm not enjoying the process, I'm missing the point!

I love that there are different approaches to creating Zentangle® art.  We can make our art and process individual--choosing techniques and patterns that inspire us.  It's wonderful to enjoy something that has so much freedom!


  1. Love the way the the pea-nuckle looks stitched, and the big well is awesome!

  2. I like the way you have done your pea-nuckle, they almost look as if they are going in and out of holes. Nice.

  3. This is very different. I like the soft, cushiony look that I feel when I see your atc, challenge entry. It reminds me of a soft, quilt....and that makes me want to go to sleep...its so relaxing to look at. Nicely done.♪♥♫☼

  4. Beautiful! I like your nice juicy well variation. Fabulous use of white space, too!