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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Tangled Birthday

I spent a recent evening teaching as part of a birthday slumber party for six ten year olds.  The birthday girl had been inspired by her mother's tangling, after a class with me, and wanted to learn more.  

The girls were attentive and enthusiastic.  They dove into the patterns fearlessly and felt inspired to explore their own pattern variations.  

I love the energy of any new tangler learning this method, and I find kids are even more enthusiastic.  I think it's because they're more open to trying new things and less afraid of making mistakes.  

Maybe adults are further away from the experience of playing that they forget how fun it can be to try something for the first time.  As we grow older, do we lose a little bit of our curiosity?  Does responsibility interfere with exploration?  How many adults actually check off items on their bucket lists if they even create a list in the first place?  I hope everyone achieves--or at least tries--every item on those wish lists.  Life is an adventure filled with new experiences, feelings, and dreams if we're ready for them.  

Maybe being a mom has changed me more than I realized.  I find myself seeing the world through my daughter's beautiful blue eyes and wondering about the world around us.  The way she approaches things baffles my responsibility-ridden adult mind.  Even when I understand the particular developmental stage she's at, I frequently state that "I never would have thought of doing that."  I watch in awe at how she plays, makes up games, tells stories, and finds ways to amuse herself every second of the day.  She is the happiest person I have ever known.  I hope she stays that way her whole life and doesn't let the world's heaviness weigh on her.

Kids get it.  They explore, they try, they take chances.  They fall down, get up, and try again.  

I loved sharing the Zentangle® Method with this group of smart and creative girls.  They gave me a look into my daughter's future when she's older.  I loved seeing the excitement and thrill of creating alive in each of them.  It was a joy to work with them.

One of the girls said that she loves that she doesn't have to be an artist to do this.  She said it's pretty easy to do and only takes simple lines and patterns to make art.  She liked that there were no mistakes too.  I think she got it!

Check out the beautiful animal scratch art pieces they created:

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