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Sunday, November 17, 2013

53 Pickup

Have you ever played 52 pickup?  You know the game.  One person throws all the cards into the air while the unsuspecting player has to pick them all up.

I'm participating in an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap with fellow Certified Zentangle® Teachers (CZTs).  Each person will create 53 cards to swap (a full deck plus an extra).

The project sounds daunting--53 cards due in a couple months.  I'll be swapping ATCs with artists whose work I admire regularly.  Ack!  My immediate thoughts were...

Am I good enough?
How will my art compare?
Can I finish that many pieces?
What did I sign up for?
Why did I do this?

I keep reminding myself that the Zentangle® Method is not judgmental. The process and enjoyment of it is more important than the finished project.  If I have fun exploring while becoming focused and relaxed, my art will be better.  It's not about loving each piece; it's about loving the journey and not being afraid to take it.

Another question... Where do I start?  Like anything else start at the beginning.  I picked up my blank ATCs and started tangling a mini garden which I suspect will soon receive a color treatment.

I am looking at this swap as a fun adventure in creativity.  Each person will be receiving one ATC from each other participant so the decks will be quite a creative hodgepodge.  That's very freeing because I don't have to make all 53 look alike or even have any similar features.  I can pick up each blank and start fresh in any creative direction I feel like heading.

I expect my ATCs will be of different styles--black and white, color, color wash, stencils, gardens, and all of the other techniques that I enjoy.  Maybe I'll try some new ones too!  This small size is quick to complete and fun to explore.

Here are ATCs 1-3.  50 to go!

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