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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catching Up

I am shocked by how well I'm doing with the 365 Days of Art challenge,  It really is true--pick a New Year's resolution that you love, and you just might stick with it!  I may miss an occasional day, but I have some days where I tangle many pieces, which I think makes up for it.

Behold, my latest Tangle-A-Day 2014 calendar pages!  I think I have to go back to scanning the pages rather than taking photos with my iPad, but you get the idea.  I love to use the pages of this calendar to practice new patterns, to play with ideas, and to create art.  

Playing with flowy patterns.
Playing with a new favorite, Wheelz.
My pattern WGT, grid seeds, and circle practice.
Playing with Portia from Tangle Library.  Not sure about this one.
Playing with patterns from Tangle Library. Fun!
More fun Tangle Library practice.

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