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Friday, February 21, 2014

Inspiring Students

I am constantly impressed by the amazing artwork that my students create.  From beginners to regular tanglers, each has a unique style and interpretation of the Zentangle® method.  I love to see what everyone comes up with, and I especially love it with people share their art with me after class.

Another thing I love about the Zentangle® method is that it is perfect for all ages.  It is a wonderful activity for parents and grandparents to share with the rest of the family.  Once mom, dad, or grandma learns the technique, the kids often want to join in on the fun too.  How wonderful to spend time together creating art!

I love to teach classes with mixed age groups because I think it's inspiring for everyone.  Kids understand the idea of process over product and can help the occasionally stubborn grown-ups to forget about "mistakes."  Adults can guide and encourage children to try new things and to be curious about the world around them.  Try taking your family on a pattern hunt the next time you go shopping, sight seeing, or for a drive.

Two of my adult tangling students recently shared the work created by their young relatives, and I just had to pass on the excitement.  These tanglers, a mom and grandmother, inspired another generation to create art.  I think that's a pretty amazing passion to pass on, don't you?

Kristy, who was a very talented artist before experiencing the Zentangle® method, showed her 6-year old son her work.  He was so inspired that he made his own reproduction.  Check out the great job he did:

Another of my wonderful tanglers invited her grandson to my last Tangle Time Club session.  After the club, he made valentines for his classmates.  I heard that he added a little color to each one too.  Look at the cool design he came up with:

The Zentangle® method is for everyone!  When you share it with your family and friends, you will enjoy some creative fun together.

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