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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CZT Mail

CZTs around the world sent tiles, letters, and adorned letters to the CBS Sunday Morning show on April 1 to try to bring the joys of Zentangle® to the show's viewers.  

Wouldn't it be wonderful if more people could learn about this amazing art form?  What would happen if more people learned the many benefits of regular tangling?  Would the world be calmer?  Would we all feel more inspired and more able to tackle the world's problems one step--or one stroke--at a time?  I wish that people could enjoy even a portion of the benefits that I have received from my regular Zentangle practice.

Check out see a sampling of art and letters on Blog Zentangle, and learn more about this idea in a recent Zentangle newsletter.

I'd love to be in the the CBS mailroom to see all the amazing works of handmade art in that mailbag.  I hope the Sunday Morning show wants to tangle with us!

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