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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where the Flux Takes You

It's spring which means we will soon be seeing something green popping through the still snow-speckled ground anyday now.  After this very snowy winter, I know I am ready for the first signs of spring and am appreciating the warmer weather.  I might not have the greenest thumb, but I love to create tangled gardens.
I had the great joy of teaching this fun and creative way of exploring organic tangle patterns with thirteen tanglers.  We had a lovely evening discussing flowing patterns, new ways of shading, and adding highlights to our ZIAs.

While teaching the pattern Flux, I tried describing how when I draw this pattern it typically grows and stretches outside of my borders or even off of the edge of my paper.  I think some patterns just want to be free.  I encouraged the students to, "Go where the Flux takes you."  After a good snicker, we moved on and tried several other fun patterns including Bumper, Sedgeling, Sanibelle, and Mooka.  I love all the oohs and aahs we get while covering the pussy willow-like Cat-Kin pattern (from CZT Mimi Lempart) especially on these beautiful toned papers.
In this class, we explored shading with a woodless graphite pencil that provides a smooth, heavy shade.  Within a minute, I could tell people were in love with the new pencil.  I think once you go woodless graphite, you never go back (ok, maybe for borders and strings).  

I love how each person has such a unique interpretation of the same patterns.  Some of the gardens are newly formed ready for future growth.  Others are well established, long-lived, and eager to be appreciated in their abundant beauty.  I would love to visit each and every one of these gardens if I were a dragonfly!

Look at the beautiful gardens everyone created:

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