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Monday, July 14, 2014

Disappearing Tangles

It's fun to think of new places to tangle.

My daughter and I do a lot of art projects, and I love to incorporate my tangles into our crafts.  Whether we're playing with chalk on the driveway or coloring pictures, I often find little Printemps and other patterns popping up in my art.

One of my daughter's favorite activities is to paint with water on a chalkboard.  We were at a play place with a massive chalkboard wall.  While she painted shapes, I saw a perfect canvas for some Ennies.  It was fun to create the pattern on a bigger scale with water.  I loved watching the bold, black lines appear while others dried and faded.  It was like I was working on a large Buddha Board.  One space would start to dry so I went over it again with the brush.  It was wonderfully relaxing to tangle over and over in the same spot.  I didn't think about patterns or filling areas.  I didn't worry about the end product or if I'd give the piece as a gift.

I put water on a chalkboard.  I repeated my strokes.  I used the Zentangle® Method.  I was relaxed and present in the moment alongside my daughter making art that disappeared while it created a lovely memory for us.

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