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Friday, August 1, 2014

Surrounded by Beauty

I recently taught a Zentangle® Basics class at the Merrimac Public Library.  We had a great group of beginners and a few current lovers of the Zentangle method.  Check out the stunning view we had while tangling.  The room was surrounded by trees, gardens, and a variety of birds flying around while we tangled.  Art, nature, and a library - what else could we need for inspiration?

One of my favorite parts of the class was when people chose to use different ways of filling in the foundation pattern, Crescent Moon.  Some people filled with solid black while others used smaller lines, alternating filled lines, and cross hatches.  I always figure that I am there as a guide so the student can interpret the patterns in his or her own unique way.  Like meditation, the Zentangle method is a very personal experience.  I am so impressed by the tiles everyone created.

The students were invited to play a bit more with the second tile, and most of these weren't completed in class.  Look how imaginative and individual the Zentangle method can be in each person's hand.

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