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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Square One: Twing

This week's Square One: Purely Zentangle® group focus was to use the official Zentangle pattern Twing.  I have played with this pattern a few times before, but it clearly hasn't stuck with me as a regular or favorite pattern.

After refreshing my memory about the pattern, I immediately thought of Auraknot.  I drew some Twing-like points to mimic the shape.  Next I added several rays of Twing coming from behind the Auraknot star.  They came out fairly small so I played with different fills.  I liked the extra white space but thought the tile needed one more expression of Twing.  I drew exaggerated points almost creating an aura around the center star.  I then continued the steps to make this shape into a wide Twing.  

I am wondering, however, what I'm dreaming about these days because many of my tiles seem to have tentacles.  I haven't been sleeping well, and I may be getting to the root (or tentacle) of the problem!  I think the solution is more tangling.
Square One: Twing (and Auraknot) by MomZenArtist


  1. this is lovely, emily, i like the different ways you drew twing

    1. Thanks, Alice! I don't use Twing too often, but I had fun with this one.