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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Test Driving Patterns

I recently had a lot of fun teaching a Zendala class to several of my regular tanglers while welcoming a new friend into our group.

I love creating mandala strings from scratch or using the pre-strung Zendala tiles.  I find it fascinating to watch a piece evolve and change shape throughout my practice.

This class was particularly interesting because it encouraged everyone to think differently in a few ways.  Instead of working on a square tile, we played with a round shape.  Rather than using larger sections within a string, we filled in tiny areas.  Then I invited the participants to play with patterns that they already knew in different ways to stretch comfort zones creatively.  

Many of the students were used to the pattern Flux with leaves building upward creating a stem.  To fill our smaller areas and to create some fun interest in contrast to our geometric patterns, I invited everyone to use a randomized version of Flux with the leafy shape strewn about the section without a stem.  This idea posed a little bit of a challenge because it meant tweaking how they had learned the pattern.

The results were fantastic, and this exercise encouraged everyone to think about a pattern in a new way.  Maybe with a little practice, they will feel comfortable playing with this pattern in the traditional and random way and then take it to even new directions that I haven't considered.  

I love how we can take patterns that we know and create regularly and mix them up to see what they can do.

Which patterns do you like to take for a test drive to see how they handle?

The center design featuring Onomato was inspired by Sally Houghton, CZT.  I loved her interpretation on her blog and just had to use it (with her permission).


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    1. Thank you. This class did an amazing job. Their Zendalas were stunning.