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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daily Tangling

I have always found that my stress level remains lower and my creativity flourishes when I tangle daily.  Sometimes I play with a pattern or work on a small area if I don't have time for a larger piece.  I am enjoying the new Bijou tiles for some tiny tangling too.

Another great reminder is the Tangle-A-Day calendar from CZT Carole Ohl.  I have used these calendars for a few years.  They are nicely made with daily spots for art.  The calendar illustrates a few patterns as well as sharing some of Carole's beautiful artwork for inspiration.  I usually start off in January and tangle in the calendar daily, but then I lose track of it.  I continue to tangle but usually do so in other journals, tiles, and projects.  

I have two unfinished calendars that I would like to complete.  I've decided to treat them like a new, blank calendar disregarding the dates.  Here are a few pages I've created lately:

 Verdigogh is a pattern that I really enjoy creating.  It seemed fitting for the Christmas page.

This calendar page was inspired by the amazing M.C. Escher exhibit I was fortunate enough to see at the Currier Museum of Art.  I have always loved Escher and was thrilled to be able to see so much of his original work up close.  I was infinitely inspired by his line work, shading, and complex yet often simple strokes.  I created these three pieces and a sample of his chop after seeing the exhibit.

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