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Thursday, April 9, 2015

This Boot is Made for Tangling

There is a fantastic group on Facebook called Ornation Creation featuring artwork created by tanglers around the world.  What makes this group special is everything features, and is inspired by, templates and art by Ben Kwok.  Ben generously provides the templates for everyone to enjoy, and the resulting art is amazing.  His templates yearn to be tangled, colored, and explored!

I have only done a few so far, although I love many of his templates.  I think I got overwhelmed thinking that I had to produce large versions of the templates.  I just realized that I can print the templates in a smaller scale to work on them in a more comfortable format or size.  I created this vintage boot in my 5x7" journal using an 005 Pigma Micron.  

It was fun to think of patterns to use in the different sections.  My scan doesn't seem to show all of the shading, which is my favorite part of this piece.  
I studied Victorian culture throughout college and read many long, obscure novels from the era.  I always joke that I could have been a Victorian in another life.  The second I saw this template, I knew I had to tangle it.  I see many tangled boots in my future.

Templates, stencils, and other tools can be a lot of fun to enhance tangling.  They can inspire creativity and encourage us to try things in new ways.  They can also introduce some additional stress.  Once I start to add other tools, I can find a little intimidation and questioning creeping into my process.  As much as I loved the boot, I found myself looking for patterns that had the shape I wanted rather than freely tangling.  I enjoyed tangling this piece and am pleased with the end result, but it wasn't quite as relaxing as if I had randomly picked patterns and let the process carry me on my creative journey.  I practiced a bit on a scrap paper first rather than letting the artwork unfold as it wants to without a preconceived idea.

Working with a template or on a specific project can move away from the intention of the Zentangle® method but can still be enjoyable.  Once I selected my tangles, I enjoyed the relaxation of tangling in small areas.  Sometimes I like working on a piece like this to push myself creatively.  

I also love knowing that I can return to the relaxing, free-flowing Zentangle® method anytime I want so I don't have to think about what comes next.  It is freeing to realize that the method is always there and only a tile away from me.  

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  1. Just saw this post as it was mentioned in Daniel Lamothe's site "The Tangle Corner" sort of. You left him a comment. when I "clicked" on your name I ended up at a site with this picture. I "clicked" on the title to see the remaining part of your post. Now I know about "Ornation Creation and Ben Kwok. Thanks! Your drawing is very nice and your comments regarding "Tangling" are very helpful.