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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've Done This!

I love that the Zentangle® method appeals to a wide range of people.  In just about every class I teach, someone announces, "I've done this before."  Many of us have doodled on book covers in school, margins of papers during meetings, or even in previous artwork.  The Zentangle method incorporates patterns that we see around us in art, architecture, nature, and textiles.  Many of the patterns even trace back to ancient ancestors making our tangles universally ingrained.

I had the privilege of teaching a beginner class for a women's group recently.  It was lovely to learn about the group and how they gather to take different classes and attend a wide variety of events in the region.  I think it is wonderful that people have so many ways of connecting with others around shared interests ranging book groups to learning to create art.  

During class, one woman realized that she had created similar artwork in the past.  I love when people are reconnected to their past practices and passions through a class.  Tangling can help us recall our past artistic expression while combining it into something even more magical now based on our life's journey.

Look at the beautiful tiles they created!

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