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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Can Do This!

I recently taught a fun beginner class at the Nashua Public Library.  The excited group, of many beginners as well as a few previous tanglers, took to the practice with enthusiasm.  We shared a lot of laughter, relaxation, and a-ha moments.

One of those moments came when a new tangler expressed hesitation at the beginning of class.  She was certain she would be unable to tangle and mocked her ability.  I, and a fellow tangler, encouraged her to try and see what happens.  After completing Crescent Moon, she announced, "I can do this!"

I love how quickly doubt can wash away with a few breaths and deliberate focused lines.  The Zentangle® method allows each of us the opportunity to let our preconceived notions about our abilities go.  In our breathing exercise, I remind the group, "As you tangle, release your inner critic as you embrace your inner artist."  Each of us has that artist within.  Sometimes we just need to get past the barriers we create with our own disbelief.

"I can do this!"  Absolutely!  Look how beautiful these tiles are.  I'd say they can all do this.  :-)

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