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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gone Crazy for Molygon

Are you loving the official new tangle, Molygon, as much as I am?

At first I wasn't sure when most of my shapes resembled banana bunches. If tangles make me hungry, it defeats the purpose of keeping me from snacking!

Then I tried Molygon as a bezel around my tangled gems and was hooked. I love how the "arms" look like robotic tentacle when done this way. Here are two Bijou tiles I made for a swap:
I've been playing with this look a lot lately. Here's a Molygon gem on an ATC for another swap:

I have been playing with some fills and expect I will decorate the bananas in my regular tangles. I just can't stop making them this way...yet!

Check out the Diva challenge this week for lots of amazing interpretations of the fun new tangle at


  1. Yes, they are great bezels for your lovely gems. You can turn Molygon into so many things. Great response to the challenge. I use tangling to stop me snacking too, it is great for that because it keeps the hands busy.

    1. Thank you!

      Tangling is such a healthy, fun, and creative activity! :-)

  2. You are the Queen of the gems! Lovely work. Molygon supports your jewels beautifully.

    1. I am in love with them! They make me smile, and I'm usually not one to embrace a lot of color in my work. Thank you.