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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blind Tangling

After this week's Diva challenge featuring a blind string, I decided to try a blind tile.  I looked away from my tile, and tangled.  It was freeing in some ways because I didn't have to care how it looked, and I could focus on the process.  Then again, I really missed watching my design evolve and looking for shapes that called out for a particular tangle pattern (triangle and Paradox, etc.).

Overall, I'm somewhat impressed by my blind Paradox attempt.  Everything is fairly disjointed because I had a vague sense of where I had tangled already so they look like seperate designs.

If you haven't tried doing a blind string or blind tangling, I encourage you to try it.  For CZTs, it might be a good reminder for how it feels to be a beginner learning the Zentangle® method.

Let me know how your blind tangling experiment goes.  :-)

Blind tangle experiment.

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