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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Wonderful Crafternoon

I spent a truly wonderful day with a dear friend catching up and crafting.  In the past, our craft days involved scrapbooking and/or card making.  I tended to agonize about my scrapbooking to the point where I'd get very few layouts completed.  I stressed about where to place the photos, what to write, and which embellishments to use.  I enjoyed scrapbooking, but it was draining and often left me frustrated.

Today, I brought my Zentangle® supplies with me and some current projects.  I completed my first Zendala tile and was thrilled with how it came out.

I did the trick that Rick and Maria, the founders of Zentangle®, suggested of holding the tile out in front to get a different perspective.  It looked even cooler!  I can't wait to do more of these.

My friend made some lovely holiday cards with great colors and texture.  I'll add a link to her blog when she puts up some pictures of her finished projects.

While playing with her Stampin' Up supplies, I fell in love with a bird die-cut she had for her BigShot.  She handed me a cut out bird and wing and said I should tangle them for her, so I did.  It was such fun. I played with tangles I learned during my CZT training and explored some other favorites.  The wing has a 3-D effect that added to the design even more.  Here is the finished project:

The day was amazingly creative and delightful.  Instead of stressing about a scrapbook layout and not getting much done, I produced some pieces that I loved.  More importantly, I enjoyed the process and had a relaxing day.

The next time I pick up my scrapbooking supplies, I'm going to try to approach that craft with the same "one stroke at a time" philosophy of the Zentangle® method.  Maybe I won't stress as much with other crafts I love--maybe I'll love them even more.

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